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Blended Learning with Extra Marks

To provide a complete online learning experience to our students, we have blended synchronous with asynchronous learning. For this, we have tied-up with Extramarks- an online learning app and provided it to all our students at the school’s expense.

What is Extramarks?

Extramarks is a learning tool that would assist students in learning holistically through extensive content that is mapped as per the school curriculum. It has engaging learning modules which are simplified animated representations of textbook concepts. Moreover, it follows the unique pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test.

Benefits of Extramarks:

Once the child has gone through the concepts, the child can practice learned concepts through a variety of tools and services like MCQs. Adaptive tests are also available for the child. Parents would be able to view the child’s progress too in Extramarks. The application can be downloaded on Android as well as iPhone devices. Apart from this, parents can access it using their desktops or laptops. In case the child cannot attend the classes, or there are connectivity issues- the child can learn most parts of the topic from this application.

How can Students & Parents use it?

Parents, as well as students, can access the app using the login credentials given from school, by downloading the application on their devices and using it for doubt solving practice and concept clarity.

Extramarks on Smart TV

Students can also watch Extramarks Smart TV. Kindly follow this process for the same –

  1. Go to
  2. Select Don’t have this Code
  3. Put User Name and password Provided by School Only
  4. Use and Explore the content

If you face any problems, kindly share your Name, Mobile Number and Screenshot of the issue in an email to

Improving IQ with LogiQids

To help our students experience the pattern of competitive exams, we have presented them with a personalized learning platform, LogIQids. The exams are available for students from SrKG to Class IX and help them to advance essential skills like Verbal Reasoning, Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking, Spatial Reasoning, Creativity, and Lateral Thinking. At Satellite School for Children, we provide each of our students with free access to Level I exam and worksheets.

MyON – Access to Digital Library

Reading storybooks helps to improve command over language as well as makes a child acknowledge the values prevalent in the world. At the best preschool in Ahmedabad, we have given all our students access to myON library. Thousands of books in the digital library are available to read online as well as offline. Students can read books of their choice in their free time and utilize their time better.