Satellite School for Children


Fees for Academic Year 2020-2021 & 2021-2022

Please refer to the table below to get the details of the fee structure of Satellite School for Children for academic year 2020-2021 & 2021-2022.
* Transportation charges are extra
* Parents may buy the school uniform from any vendor outside the school.

(Morning Shift)
Total Annual Fees
Admission Fees
Total Annual Fees
Admission Fees
Early Child Care (ECC) 90,000 75,000 90,000 75,000
Nursery 97,000 95,000 97,000 1,25,000
Junior Kg 94,000 2,25,000 97,000 2,25,000
Senior Kg 91,041 2,50,000 94,000 2,50,000
Nursery 97,000 95,000 97,000 95,000
Junior Kg 94,000 50,000 97,000 1,00,000
Senior Kg 91,041 50,000 94,000 1,00,000
  • School accepts only post-dated cheques from all the students. Parents may submit one cheque of the entire amount or may submit 4 different cheques for the 4 quarters to the accounts department.
  • Student’s name, class, section and SID have to be mentioned at the back cheque.
  • School sends a message to parents before depositing the cheques to the bank. So, please maintain sufficient balance in your account. In case of bounced cheque or late fee payment, a fine of Rs. 150/- is levied per week.
  • In case of any emergency and you have to withdraw the admission, parents need to inform the school 15 days in prior to get 100% refund of the admission fees.
  • Fees are non-adjustable against any other child, including siblings.
  • Annual admission fees are only refundable if the parents inform the school about the admission withdrawal 15 days in prior.

Kindly note that the above fee structure may be revised by the school from time to time, based on its discretion.

Refund Policy of School Fees:

For New Admissions:
1. In case, a parent withdraws admission of the child before 15 days before the academic year begins, the following fees will be refunded :
   A. Fees paid for the quarter & PDCs of the remaining quarters i.e. Fees for 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter
   B. Admission fees

2. In case, a parent withdraws admission of his/her child less than 15 days before the academic year starts , the following fees will be refunded:
   A. PDCs of the remaining quarters i.e. Fees for 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter
   B. Quarter 1 fees will be refunded
   Note: Admission fee will not be refunded.

3. In case, a parent withdraws admission or communicates his /her intention of withdrawing the admission, after the date of commencement of academic year, then only the PDCs which are not deposited will be refunded.

For Existing Students:

In order to withdraw their ward, parents need to submit their application in hard copy or soft copy in the set format, which is available at the front office.

1. Before the start of the academic year :

   A. The school will require notice of 1 month before the start of the academic year
   B. In case Q1 is paid, the same will be refunded and PDCs for Q2, Q3 & Q4 will be returned
   C. In case, the school is not informed 1 month before the start of the academic year – Quarter 1 fees will not be refunded

2. In the middle of the academic year :

   A. Student who has paid the full year fees will be charged only up to the end of the quarter and the fees for the remaining quarters will be refunded
   B. Student who has not paid the full year fees, needs to pay till the end of the last quarter that he/she has attended

Online mode for fees payment:

As the school is temporarily closed due to pandemic, we are using ‘Easy Pay’ module by ICICI Bank as a platform for collecting fees online. Once the school uploads the fees collection data, an SMS and email will get delivered to the mobile number and email ID of the parent, registered with the school. The SMS/Email will have a passcode. Click on the link and mention the sent passcode, it will guide you to the payment screen.

Alternatively, an icon to ‘Pay Fees Online’ will also be available on the school’s website. When you click on that icon, it will request for the SID and Registered mobile number. You need to enter the OTP sent to you, after which the payment screen will open.

You can pay the fees choosing any one of the following payment modes:
• Net Banking – Parents can log-in to their bank accounts and make the payment.
• Credit Card / Debit Card – Parents can make the payment by entering card details.
• UPI – Parents can enter their virtual payment ID i.e VPA to pay the fees.
• NEFT / RTGS – If in case none of the above modes suitable, parents can pay the fees by clicking the NEFT/ RTGS tab. A challan will be generated, with an account number and IFSC code, which will be unique to each student. This challan, along with a cheque favouring ‘Yourself’ or ‘__________ Bank Ltd. – for NEFT’, has to be submitted by the parent to their bank; the bank will further execute NEFT with those details. Parents do not need bank account details of the school for NEFT/RTGS. The school will receive credit against that student’s SID.
• Paytm – As we have uploaded the data on Paytm website, parents can visit the Paytm app and click on the School tab to make the payment.

On successful completion of Easy Pay transactions, a challan/receipt gets generated for parent’s records. The school will also provide a receipt once funds are credited to school bank account eventually.