Satellite School for Children

Vision, Mission, Beliefs & Objectives of School

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to develop and execute curriculum that is child-led, age appropriate and based on child’s needs and interests. Our goal is to instil the right values in our students from an early age and prepare them for the days ahead. Our curriculum is tailored in a way that our students can cope with methodology of learning or any board of education such as CBSE, ICSE, IB etc. Through our meticulously crafted lesson plan, we aim at honing the innate skills of our little learners. We encourage our students to develop skills by exploring, experimenting and problem solving.


  • With our team of efficient, warm and friendly teachers who are committed to their job , we work towards empowering each child.
  • Our teaching methodologies and facilities are implemented to maximise the potential of each student.
  • For students, with fears or learning difficulties, our counsellors work closely with them and recommend their parents the right course of action to take.

Our Vision:

  • To create a favourable learning environment for the students
  • To implement innovative educational approaches
  • To be influential in early childhood education and make necessary contribution towards quality education

Belief and Policy :
The school has adopted a student-first policy and also lays importance on strong parent community. We encourage parent involvement and participation to enrich our students’ learning experience.

Although rooted to our beliefs and mission, Satellite School for Children is progressive in nature. We believe in continual changes, improvements and upgradations ( in our curriculum, infrastructure and educators) to keep pace with the changing pace of the world.