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Working as per the Guidelines

As one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, we have worked to deliver the best to our students. Most of our curriculum has been with coherence as per the National Education Policy-2020, as drafted by the government. We have been preparing our students as per the NCERT curriculum and proffering the teachers with the required number of training hours as per the policy. By this, we have stayed ahead of times.

Practical Learning Environment

At School, we understand how much practical knowledge is essential for better learning. We have therefore made sure to present to our students a learning experience where they can act as well as explore. It helps students to learn things better for an extended period. Edu-sports, fun-time activity sessions are such classes where we provide a practical learning experience to our students.

Virtual Creative Corner

At the best preschool in Ahmedabad, we understand the importance of talent recognition. So, we have tried to feature the unique abilities of our students on various online media platforms. Parents also feel gratified when their child’s work gets appreciation from others. With our peerless platform on social media, it gives a significant stage for students to grandstand their talents.

World Class Training and Skills Upgradation of Teachers

At Satellite School for Children, we understand how much it is necessary to enrich the knowledge of educators. Hence we have provided all our staff with various initiatives. We presented loans to the staff for purchasing laptops/desktops so that they can conduct online classes, also have provided Jio work from home internet packs to them to assure smooth delivery of classes.

Further, we also provide them with regular training. Moreover, with education getting online, we have even increased our budgets to train them technically.