Satellite School for Children

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and blend of these different methodologies.

  • It prepares children for formal schooling experience.
  • Helps children in adjusting to an environment away from home.
  • Develops cognitive, social, motor and language skills

If not mandatory, definitely beneficial. Almost all children these days start from playgroup, finish preschool years after which they start their class 1.

  • Language development
  •  Writing skills from age 5 onwards
  •  Speaking skills
  •  Reading
  •  Computer activities
  •  Music
  •  Dance
  •  EduSports
  •  Practical Life Exercises
  •  Storytelling
  •  Art & Craft

Yes, it is undoubtedly one of the best preschools in and around Ahmedabad with experienced teachers, fantastic infrastructure and a holistic preschool curriculum.

Day care is where children can stay back even after the school hours. Children with both parents working or belonging to nuclear family opt for day care facilities. Preschool, Nursery, Kindergarten are used interchangeably in India. Nursery commonly means when the child starts going to school at the age of 3. Preschool means either or all the classes before the child starts grade 1. Preschool is Nursery to Sr. Kg. Kindergarten stands for KG , so after nursery starts, the kindergarten phase of a child- Jr. KG and Senior KG.