Satellite School for Children

Why Us

We believe in the holistic development of a child for a stronger and a bright future. In a short span of establishment the school has been awarded ‘Emerging Preschool of the Year’ by Times Top Education Institute. The school also has been ranked no 5 in Education World India ranking of Preschool in Ahmedabad.

Our school’s philosophy is based on the knowledge that young children learn by playing, which reflects their continuous emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth and development along with academics. Our trained educators work to foster curiosity, experiment to create a strong foundation, ask questions and create experiences, wonder and spontaneous moments that are relevant to each child.

We believe that young children are unique, eager to learn, and responsive to love, attention and guidance. Our staff strives to help children form good habits, solve problems, learn to interact with others and develop a good personality.

Curriculum :
At Satellite School for Children , we follow a blended curriculum that is primarily child-centric. Our holistic curriculum is planned in advance and is age appropriate. The curriculum is progressive and each day, the activities are strategized taking the school duration into account. We ensure that our curriculum is not overbearing and at the same time, we develop, refine and hone the skills of our students.

The key areas our curriculum focuses on are :

  1. Fine motor skills
  2. Gross motor skills
  3. Hand-eye coordination
  4. Communication ( Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
  5. Art and Craft
  6. Physical education

These are achieved through a plethora of activities such as storytelling, edusports, practical life exercises, drawing, sorting and arranging.

Teachers and Staff
The teachers and staff are warm and friendly. There are appropriately qualified and have years of experience in handling innocent children. There superpowers lie in understanding each child, paying individual attention and nurturing every single student. Our teachers take utmost care in providing a comfortable learning environment for our students, where our students love to spend time- learning, playing, enjoying and growing!

Infrastructure and facilities
“School is a building which has four walls and tomorrow inside”
Our school building is specifically designed for providing optimum comfort to our students. Each classroom is air-conditioned with soundproof doors and windows. Also, the lessons are made more fun and enriching with smart board technology and computer. The building has elevator and broad staircases enabling easy movement of our tiny tots. Also, the child-friendly carpeting in the school building ensures that our students don’t get hurt while playing or running about. We have a dedicated team who meticulously plans nutritious meals for our students. The premises of Satellite School for Children is clean , hygienic with waterless urinals and fire safety equipment properly installed.