Satellite School for Children


Satellite School for Children welcomes you to the Leader Board of the #Vaccination4Education Campaign!

Many lives have shaken due to the current situation, and the best way to get back to routine is vaccination. Hence, the school management is motivating parents for the same by giving them leverage if they get vaccinated.

To achieve this, we are granting all the classes a 5% fee waiver if all the parents of those classes get vaccinated before 31st October 2021. That means if all the parents of the school get vaccinated before the stipulated dates, the entire school can avail of a 5% deduction on Annual fees.

We are appreciative to each of our parents who are enthusiastically partaking in our drive. The following are the insights of vaccinated parents in every one of the classes.

Note: As of now, the reports are unaudited. The fee waiver will be given once the vaccination certificates for all the parents of the class gets verified.

Junior KG A9.7 %
Junior KG D9.7 %
Senior KG C9.7 %
Early Child Care C9.1 %
Senior KG H8.7 %
Senior KG K7.1 %
Nursery A6.9 %
Nursery E6.9 %
Senior KG B6.9 %
Junior KG E6.5 %
Nursery I5 %
Early Child Care A4.3 %
Early Child Care B4.3 %
Junior KG I3.6 %
Junior KG J3.6 %
Senior KG J3.6 %
Nursery D3.4 %
Senior KG E3.4 %
Senior KG D3.2 %
Senior KG F3.2 %