Satellite School for Children

Transport Policy – Satellite School for Children

Satellite School ensures hassle-free and safe transportation facilities for all the students commuting to and from school. Our aim is to make the journey as comfortable as possible for all the students. The need for safe and secure transportation is of paramount importance to us and accordingly:

  • Our transport services are outsourced to authorized agencies who are well acquainted with running school buses and follow the norms laid down by the RTO.
  • The buses and Wingers have CCTV installed, GPS trackers and has trained attendants to take care of the students.
  • The attendants are given mobile phones and the numbers are shared with the parents to ensure prompt communication, especially in case of any emergency.
  • All the transport staff is suitably trained to manage children of all age-groups and implement the necessary safety norms.

We expect our students and parents to consider and abide by the following guidelines.

  •  Students must be punctual and be present on the same side of the road as decided. To avoid unnecessary delays, it’s ideal if they come to the bus stop 5 to 7 minutes prior.
  • Door to door pick up or drop is not assured, so please don’t make any special request for the same.
  •  Please don’t request the transport supervisors for time change or to wait in case you are late to the bus stop while picking or dropping. The bus will not wait for any late comer during pick up or drop off.
  •  No calls will be made to the parent/ student if the student/parent is not present at the bus stop during pick/drop. It is the responsibility of the parent to maintain proper timings. If there is any change of timings from the school or transport’s end, you will be duly informed about the same.
  •  Children will be picked and dropped only at their designated bus stop. No special request from the student will be entertained.
  • Winger will come to the main gate of the society one time ( not inside the society) and on opposite side of the road one time.
  • The transport authorities are responsible for the students only till the drop and pick up point. Parents must appoint a trustworthy guardian who would accompany the students to and fro the designated pick/drop points.Parents are solely responsible for picking up their child from the allotted bus stop, failing which the child will be brought back to school and parents will have to pick up the child from the school.
  • Parents must explain to the students that they should maintain decorum in the bus/ Winger and must listen to the instructions of the attendants.
  • Students are not allowed to stand on the footboard while the Winger is running.
  •  Students are not allowed near the bus entry/exit door until the Winger comes to a halt.
  • Parents or any other person is prohibited from boarding the school Winger while dropping or picking up their child.
  • In case you are late, please refrain from overtaking the school bus and stopping to board your child to the Winger. This is dangerous and goes against the road safety rules. If the child misses the school Winger, it’s the parent’s responsibility to drop the child to school.
  • Sudden request for diversions/extensions will not be entertained on existing routes during mid-term.If there’s a change in address, please inform the school transport in charge in advance (at least one-month). This will give us enough time to designate the closest bus stop for your convenience and allot you the right time for pick up and drop off.
  • Similarly, if there’s a change in phone number or email address of either parent or guardian, please inform the school office and transport in charge about the same.
  • Cleanliness must be maintained at all times. Students are not supposed to trash food or wrappers inside the bus or throw them out from the bus.
  • Parents are requested not to argue with the conductors/driver present in the bus. In case of any problem, a written complaint should be submitted to the Transport Desk or email to School Transport In-charge.
  • The School Management does not encourage private Rickshaws or Vans as mode of transport for our students as these facilities/people handling them are beyond the control of the school and may be a serious threat to the safety of the students coming to the school.
  • One-way transport facility will not be provided.
  • Please co-operate with the Transport Manager who will be working towards the larger interest of the entire student’s community.

Transport Route and Fees:

  • Bus routes are decided considering the overall feasibility, logistic and timelines. The distance slab is calculated for all stops and indicated in the lists of bus routes displayed.
  • Timings and routes may change, till the vehicle is completely full.
  • Above 10km pick up and drop point will be given.
  • No changes in the Winger routes will be made once finalized during the ongoing session.
  • During rainy season, if roads are not usable, student will have to come to the next and nearest pickup and drop off point of the bus which will be intimated.
  • The Transport fee is based on the distance (km)and distance will be calculated based on Google maps.
  • Transport fees will be collected quarterly. You need to submit 4 PDCs as per the given date schedule at the time of confirming the transportation facility.
  • If any change of address, then need to pay difference amount by parent/school as per the kilometre.
  • In case of any change of address, please send a written application to the front desk at least one week prior. This will be in effect once the transport in-charge gives a confirmation of the same. Parents co-operation required for the pick-up/drop-off points.
  • In case of transport fee cheque bounce, an amount of Rs. 150/- will be levied.
  • Transport fee is non-refundable.

Please note:

  • Any misconduct and act of indiscipline will lead to termination of transport facility for the students.
  • Students will be appropriately fined if they are found responsible for any damage in the bus due to negligence or vandalism.

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Escalation Matrix :
Caretaker – Supervisor – Transport Owner – Transport School In-charge

Please refer to the final transport rate chart below:

Winger Sr. No. Distance Rate Per Month
1 Up to 1 km 1250
2 Above 1 to 3 km 2000
3 Above 3 to 5 km 2500
4 Above 5 to 8 km 3000
5 Above 8 km 3500