Sports Day for Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Junior K.G.

Sports day at the pre-primary level is not really about winning or losing, instead to develop the ability to participate in competitions later on and having fun in the process. This thought was beautifully reiterated at the annual sports day event of Satellite School for Children, which was held on 30th November at EKA arena, Transstadia. The event commenced after flag hoisting and a welcome note by our principal, Ms. Bhavna Shah.
It was a sheer moment of delight to witness the students of Junior KG marching past the ground in an absolute synchronised manner. Each group was led by a student who represented leading sports personalities. After torch lighting and oath taking ceremony, our Director, Ms. Villoo Parekh together with our Principal and Ms. Shruti Shekhawat ( V.P. of pre-primary Zebar school) released the colourful balloons, encouraging the students of Junior K.G. and Playgroup (Early Child Care) for their performances.
Playgroup (Early Child Care) children performed ‘Kaboochi Drill’ a peppy dance drill, during which they moved their bodies in rhythm and energising the whole atmosphere.
Junior K.G. students increased the tempo by performing drills with props like bean bags, parachutes, ribbons, rings etc.
Yoga, Gymnastics and formations like pyramid, cycle the little students left the crowd mesmerised.
A variety of relay races showcased the co-ordination and team spirit. Each and every child was proved to be a winner for putting in their best efforts.
Children relished their healthy snacks and lemonade in between their performances that helped them stay charged throughout the event.
The sports day concluded on a healthy note, with parents, students and staff participating in Zumba and conveying the message of keeping fit with regular exercise.