Sejal Shah (Mother of Kanishka Shah) (SR-J)

Satellite School for Children

I would like to thank the entire SSFC faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times. The school has been off but learning hasn’t, all thanks to the teachers.

A year has passed out and all the extra measures were taken to make learning more easy and simple for kids to understand and learn. So thank u for the efforts taken by you in encouraging children to learn new things even while staying at home and taking measures for their bright future, also for being so thoughtful and making the things easy for the kids as well as parents.

“I’m extremely grateful to Minakshi MA’AM, Kruti ma’am, Vaishali ma’am, Kosha ma’am, Harsiddhi ma’am, Bhavini ma’am, Sapna ma’am and Mittal ma’am.”

Thank you again to Minakshi MA’AM for planning everything in such a thoughtful, mature and wise manner. For being available always to clear all the doubts and focusing on more clear vision. Also for her suggestion and advises to make out the best from the kids. Really blessed 🙏

I would also like to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.