Reetika Jalan (Manay’s Mom) (SR-J)

Satellite School for Children

Dear Meenakshi mam and Kruti mam,
And the whole team of SSFC,

I, mother of Manay Jalan studying in Senior J, wanted to express my feelings and thoughts for the teachers of Senior J and the special education team of teachers.

The academic year 20-21 has been tough on all of us. This was the year when education was most difficult as everything was new for kids, moms as well as teachers. We all were filled with fear that how will the education of kids be taken care of as we could see no end to COVID.

But gradually with such wonderful teachers, everything became smooth for moms as well as kids. I myself take webinars, so can only imagine the hard word that must be going behind each online class, preparing for PPTS, coordinating with each other for each session. Checking the home work, giving feedbacks for the same, then taking care of each child’s personal needs via phone or messages, everything along with managing home and health simultaneously . I thoroughly respect all the teachers for their hard work, I still remember once Meenakshi mams mother in law was not well and her son did vomit still she was there in class all smiling and attending kids like always. So must have happened with other teachers too am sure.

I want to extend special gratitude for the amount of cooperation extended in the case of Manay when he was not ready to sit in class or regarding his special education. The teachers and special education team have been there with us whenever needed and helped me improve on my child’s graph.

I have seen all the teachers dealing all the parents as well as kids how much ever annoying the person or situation might be with lots of patience , respect without loosing their calm. It’s very difficult I can bet on that.

This was the year when we moms were most engaged as part of education and we feel extremely safe to see kids in hands of such wonderful teachers.

Thankful, obliged , indebted and will definitely miss you teachers along with kids. 🙏

Lots of love, respect and best wishes for the extremely hard-working teachers,

Reetika Jalan
Manay’s mom
Senior J.