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NCERT-Approved Syllabus
Montessori based Activities in Practical Learning Experiences (PLE Classes)
Remedial Classes for Weaker Students
Unlimited Access to Online Resources
E-Counseling & Counseling on calls
Safest and best Online Classes with Microsoft Teams
Plethora of School Online Activities
Morning & Noon Shifts available during Offline Schooling

Online Classes in Satellite School

  1. These times have forced the school to shut down as a precautionary measure. The new academic session has started by holding virtual classes for all its students.
  2. We conduct four online sessions daily for academics and two sessions in the evening for extracurricular activities. We provide students with reference links from Extra marks and other online study applications to study at home.
  3. We have provided access to our students for multiple online resources for logical reasoning, concept clarity, and extra practice.
  4. The school is using the safest application - Microsoft Teams to conduct the classes for its students. Students submit their assignments and daily homework using Microsoft Teams.
  5. Virtual competitions, debates, and quizzes keep the children engaged along with school activities during this hour of global crisis.
  6. Being the Microsoft Showcase Incubator School as well as Wakelet School, we ensure involving the best of techniques to provide education to our students.
  7. We conduct Virtual classes from Monday to Friday, with doubt-clearing sessions on Saturdays.

  1. Children remain engaged in their school activities.
  2. They meet their friends online and feel connected.
  3. The lockdown does not affect them mentally as well as physically as they are preoccupied with school assignments and projects.
  4. Once the school reopens, there would be no pressure on the students to study extra as they are not missing any classes.
  5. The activity videos help the children to utilize their free time creatively and constructively.

About Satellite School

Satellite School for Children is an independent pre-school driven by passion, innovation, and excellence in early education.
Our students form the heart of the institute. We ensure providing them engaging and engrossing classes during regular as well as online schooling in a way involving the best of the strategies. Our experts have designed the curriculum considering the adaptability of young learners, also developed the infrastructure keeping the young minds at the core. We collectively work towards fostering their cognitive, social, physical, and academic development.
The school’s ideologies, methodologies, and facilities guarantee an enriching experience to each of its students beyond the classroom. Our unique approach ensures the overall growth of all the students and prepares them for an intensive academic program that awaits them in the years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best age for your child to seek admission in playgroup is 2+ years.

The duration of the best nursery schools in Ahmedabad is around 3-4 hours.

The age for playgroup is 2+ years, followed by Nursery at 3+ years, Junior KG at 4+years, and Senior KG at 5+ years.

Yes, we have admissions open for online classes.

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