How to Decide What is The Right Age for Preschool for Your Child?

As it is rightly said that our children are our best hope for the future. So, in the journey of giving the best life to our children, providing them with proper education is the primary consideration for every parent.  It starts with deciding what is the best age to start preschool and so on.  Irrespective of the socio economic or cultural background, the goal of providing for the child to one’s best capacity is the proudest duty of any parent.

Begin Formal Education with Preschool

As the humankind is constantly evolving, our lifestyle is changing as per our changing needs and demands and so is the case with education. The teaching methodologies, the goals, the objectives of school education are periodically updated and upgraded. Education starts right after birth- when a baby is born, through his / her years of infancy to childhood and adolescence, the child is constantly learning. First, he or she learns from the immediate environment.

i.e. home and then comes the phase when it’s time to go to school. Time for formal education. But before that , there’s a warm up phase – the preschool years! Hence, parents start looking for the best preschool as soon as their child gains motor control and develops speech.

The Age Factor? To Start or not to!

How to decide the ideal age of children to seek preschool admission is one of the common worries of parents. One of the most important things that need to be considered here is if your child is ready for playschool yet! If a child is  in pink of health- physically and mentally, you could consider preschool admission in Ahmedabad.

Preschool admission in Playgroup (Early Child Care)

A child can start playgroup (Early Child Care) school in Ahmedabad any time when he or she is 2 years , however, there’s no hard and fast rule that school life must begin that early. It is totally up to the parents’ discretion whether they would want to send their child to playgroup (Early Child Care) that early or not.

Preschool admission in Nursery

If your child has any health condition or is not comfortable at all to adjust in a new environment, then you may consider giving your child a little more time and enrol her directly in Nursery. A lot of children skip playgroup  (Early Child Care) and take admission directly in Nursery .However, this may put parents at a risk of seeking admissions in the best of schools in the city as maximum seats get filled right at the playgroup (Early Child Care) or nursery level.

Admission in Kinder Garten

The best preschools require the child to be 4 years for preschool admission in Junior KG and 5 years for preschool admission in Senior KG.

The right age for preschool would be anytime your child gains control over his or her gross motor skills i.e he or she can walk and run, utter words and stay in a happy , jolly mood more often than not. If these milestones are not reached timely, parents need to have patience and monitor their child’s growth and development closely.

The biggest advantage of attending preschool is that children get comfortable spending a few hours daily away from home, mastering basic skills and getting ready for the formal schooling years that lie ahead of them. The transition to primary classes and absorbing the lessons become easier.

The best preschool in Ahmedabad can offer fun experiences for children as they develop basic social skills, meet new friends and teachers and learn from each other. The activities in the best preschools are age-appropriate, child-centric and have defined objectives that aid in the cognitive development of children.

Time to Take Pre-primary Admission

Choosing the right preschool is important for the little ones to form the best childhood memories. The preschool must follow the basic norms of early childhood education, the school infrastructure should be safe and secure with well-trained, compassionate teachers. These will guarantee a healthy experience of the tinytots. So, if your child is attending all the milestones in a timely manner, it’s time for you to take pre-primary admission in Ahmedabad schools.