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Junior K.G. Students Enjoy Lacing Activity


Lacing is one of the precursor skills to shoe lacing tying, sewing and writing. This activity strengthens the fine muscles and grip of fingers and also helps in enhancing hand eye coordination. We introduced lacing activity to our Junior K.G. students during their P.L.E. period. Check out the photographs of the little tots focussing on this skill building activity.

Mother’s Workshop

Satellite School for Children

An interactive mother’s workshop was arranged in the school for parents of senior K.G. students. During the sessions, mothers were briefed about the methodologies adopted by the teachers to teach new concepts to students. Parents got the chance to clarify their doubts and stay informed about the syllabus till March. The healthy discussion between the mothers and teachers helps both parties to walk hand in hand towards a better preschool experience for everyone.

Sensory Play for developing 5 Senses

Students of Senior K.G. were engaged in sensory play sessions during which they got the opportunity to explore their five senses. They understood the importance of the sense of sight when they were asked to find hidden objects. Their sense of hearing was tested when their teachers asked them to identify different sounds. The flower pounding activity focused on honing their olfactory sense as after pounding the flowers children continued to check if the pounded flower still smells the same as the whole one. The little ones enjoyed adding toppings on Monaco biscuits and eating the same as well- this activity helped in developing their gustatory sense. Finally, sense of touch was explored by touching different types of surfaces such has hard , soft, rough etc. Series of such activities helped in their cognitive growth and made them more aware of the world around.

Playgroup (Early Child Care) Children conclude 2019 on a playful note!

The last working day of 2019 was a day of jollity when our Playgroup (Early Child Care) students enjoyed free playtime. Classrooms were speckled with colourful pillows and balls and slides were set up inside. The munchkins thoroughly their playtime inside the classroom and ended the day with so much happiness, only to come back fresh and re-energised in the new year!

3D Show for Senior K.G. Students

Our Senior K.G. students got immersed into the 3D world recently with their special 3D glasses on. They were thrilled to see their favourite characters such as smurfs, minions, ice age characters etc. up close and tried to touch and catch them. This session was not just fun, but engaging and educative too as the students were shown how different continents were formed from a single mass.

Christmas Celebrations

The festive spirit of Christmas took over Satellite School for Children with the entire school campus dazzling in stars, bells , and Christmas tree. Students celebrated the birthday of Jesus Christ by spreading the message of love and happiness. They were thrilled to meet, greet and shake a leg with Santa Claus, who gave them chocolates as well. Children made fond memories of Christmas 2019 and were so happy to receive a Christmas tree as a takeaway.

Christmas Craft Take Away for Senior K.G. Students

It’s time for Christmas and our senior K.G. students filled their cup of cheer with a special session of Christmas craft. They were thrilled to learn how to make a Christmas tree by folding papers. The classrooms were filled with joy and laughter, marking the spirit of the festivities as the little ones enjoyed their activity with their friends and teachers.