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Help Your Child Make Friends with these Significant Tips

You might have recently taken a preschool admission in Ahmedabad for your toddler, who had only socialized with the family and friends until date since he was born. Such sudden exposure to a different environment may make them react differently.

With the difference of nature among children, they may be extrovert, ambivert or introvert, mischievous or well-mannered, slow, or good learners. Hence everything may work differently for them, even learning to make friends.

Initially, your toddler may need his time to make friends. He may be afraid or shy, and it is quite apparent that as a parent, it may concern you. The best you can do is, encourage your child to talk with others and make him comfortable with the environment.

Before you encourage your child to make friends, make sure to be mindful of the following points:

Learn about your Child’s behavior
Before you decide how to encourage your ward to socialize, understand how your child reacts with people. He may respond differently to family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Understand his comfortability level and then slowly counsel him whenever needed.

Check the Surroundings
If you find that your child is not socializing enough, probably the reason behind it is the environment the child is living. It may be a nuclear family which you are living in, or it may happen that even in a joint family, you all don’t tend to talk and socialize much. Though the mentioned might not always be the reasons for shyness in your child, there are a lot of other acting forces that may affect the behavior.

The Introvert-Shaper
It all begins with the habit of showing toddlers cartoon and rhymes videos so that they sit at one place for meals. But once this habit is provoked, there is no look back, introversion on the way to your child. So steal that mobile device that accommodates the solitary attitude in your child in the long run.

Do Not Yell
Try to motivate your child to perform the duties by speaking politely. Yelling on them makes them aggressive, which further makes it hard for them to connect with people easily. Moreover, keep a check if he watches someone being continuously harsh in his surroundings, also keep an eye if he talks rudely to others.

Get into their Shoes
It is rightly said that a person needs to be in another person’s shoes to understand emotional facts. Well, childhood is extremely sensitive, if unhandled, may lead to the evolution of an unacceptable personality. So, be mindful and acknowledge the treatment you give to the child.

The No-Compare Rule
Make sure that whatever it takes, you do not compare your child with others. Each child takes situations differently and holds various reactions to it. Comparing with others may make them lose their self-esteem, and they may start to behave awkwardly or even develop an altogether changed behavior.

As you have now understood the things to consider before inspiring your child, you can use the following approaches to encourage them to make friends:

In the era of digitization, making friends by interacting is something that even adults lack. Children usually do what they observe. So, try to give healthy surroundings and show how to behave with others and make friends. It is probably the best way to make your young ones learn.

Speak to them
Communication resolves most of the problems. Take your child to a calm and peaceful place, and ask him what’s stopping him make friends. Most of the time, you will find the answer from your child only.

Figure out that Uncertainty
The present behavior of your child may be due to some unfortunate influence in the past. Find out if it is the case and help him to overcome it. You can accomplish it by changing their surroundings, also if in case your child has achieved the right age for preschool, do not hesitate to seek his admission into it.

Reveal the Stories
Inform your children how and what you played and enjoyed with friends when you were of their age. Tell them how you felt with your friends as well as the difference they made. Also, make them learn about the benefits of having friends.

The Law of G2
Playing Group Games is the course that surely makes a child ask for a partner who can play along with him. Hence get them games that require two or more partners. This way they will not only make friends but also learn to indulge in group activities.

A Goodbye Note

Encouraging your child to make friends can be achievable by developing a good understanding with them as well as motivating them. Moreover, getting your child admission to the best preschool in Ahmedabad also helps them to acquire life values. Gradually, your child learns socializing and makes friends too.

Build Immunity of Your Child With These Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

In the era when junk food is ruling the healthy eating methods, it is the wellbeing of younger ones that are suffering the most. The consequences of putting taste to health have delivered negative impacts on the health of the children. The fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, hold a significant role in the health of your child. Children should eat fruits and vegetables to fulfill the bodily demands of different nutrients.

To form a habit among children to eat fruits regularly, we, at the playschool in Ahmedabad, have made sure to give our students a fruit break before lunchtime. We also follow this routine in online classes and give them a special recess for it.

Consuming fruits and vegetables specific to a season helps your child to obtain more nutrients. Be it the greens for winters, summers, or rainy, imbibing the habit among children to eat seasonal delights will help them to absorb a lot many benefits.

Learn about what different seasonal food items have got to give your child:

Fruits and vegetables to consume during summers

The hottest season of the year makes your child crave to devour coolants to quench their thirst. The following fruits and veggies will help them assimilate the necessary nutrients needed in summer.

Juicy Melons Melons
Both muskmelons and watermelons have high water content to keep the body hydrated as well as contains fiber, which is good for digestion and prevents constipation. Watermelons proffer energy, cleanse toxins, strengthen eye muscles, and shield them from damage; whereas muskmelons are rich in potassium, and regulate blood pressure and control blood sugar.

Bottle Guard
Bottle guard, or say Lauki regulates body weight. Use it to make soups or vegetables to make a serving rich in calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, C, and folate. It also works well for high blood pressure, keeps the heart-healthy, and is considered an excellent blood purifier.

The versatile summer fruit is rich in water content, antioxidants, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. Cucumbers consist of 96% water and serve as a healthy option to keep yourself hydrated. Its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for heart health too.

The king of summer fruits, mango, is love for all children. The fruit is rich in calories as well as fibers and possesses as many as twenty minerals and vitamins. They also have a good content of Vitamin A and C, potassium, as well as a pigment, zeaxanthin, which helps to protect the eyes by filtering out harmful blue rays. But beware, your child should not overdose it, as it can cause inflammation, which can further lead to digestive problems and skin issues.

Litchis are another reason to love summers. The juicy, sweet fruit is an excellent source of potassium, polyphenols, vitamins and helps regulate blood pressure and sodium levels. Litchis are also rich in antioxidants, boost immunity, prevents cancer, and reduce inflammation.

Summer Tip – Saladify

Blend cucumbers, beetroot, tomatoes, and vegetables of your child’s choice with amaranth leaves, rocket leaves, basil, as well as other summer herbs, and top it off with yogurt dressing to make a nutritious summer salad. Alternatively, you can also use fruits, nuts, peppers, mint, or coriander leaves to make a delicious meal. Combine the varieties to make the salads appealing, as well as a pack of all the nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables to consume during winters

Winter is a time when an individual has the most choices to eat. The variety of fruits and vegetables help the body to swallow diverse nutrients. Have a look at what you can make your child devour in winters:

The tangay fruit is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, and C, and holds fiber, calcium, and potassium. An essential fruit for vision, this fruit also helps to lower the risk of oral and lung cancer as well as demotes blood cholesterol.

This sweetest juiciest ripe fruit contains vitamins A, C, B6 & K, fiber, manganese, iron, potassium, folate, and calcium, as well as it is beneficial for the well-being of the heart, boosts nervous health and immunity of your young ones.

Along with the boosting of immunity, this green sugary fruit is good for hair & eyes, lessens up skin allergies, restores blood vessels, repairs wounds, regulates blood pressure, and is prescribed during heart ailments. Loaded with nutrients like Vitamin C, A, fiber, potassium, and folic acid, this is a perfect pick for your child’s fruit time.

The lavender and red fruit is a pack of antioxidants, great for skin and liver, strengthens the immune system, supplies energy, and is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron as well as potassium.

An immunity fighter for flu, common cold, and other viral infections and a great source of vitamin C, Indian Gooseberries are beneficial to your child in different ways.

A favourite of all children, this chocolaty fruit delivers Vitamins A, B, C, and E and helps in boosting immunity, promotes eye health, and keeps a check on heart ailments.

Delivering a variety of nutrients, this luscious fruit is loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, E,and K, iron, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorous, manganese, copper, selenium, and zinc. The consumption of guava aids in the absorption of iron, improves eyesight, helps in the functioning of the heart, and prevents cell damage induced by free radicals, thus building immunity as well.

This exotically juicy fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, fiber, manganese and will help your child to boost immunity as well as in the formation of bones.

PomegranateFenugreek Leaves
Methiparathas are favorite of all the children studying in kindergarten in Ahmedabad. The calcium-rich leaves are also a great source of phosphorous and iron. They are not only good for hair health but also regulate blood sugar and bad cholesterol.

Chop cabbage in fine long slices and serve it saying ‘Maggi-vegetable’ and look how the name will impact your child eating. A powerhouse of Vitamin K with a few other essential vitamins, manganese, fiber, potassium and folate, this veggie builds immunity and reduces cholesterol and BP.

Devoured in various types of dishes, these leaves possess a variety of benefits too. From strengthening immunity, building red blood cells, preventing anemia, to ensuring healthy bones, skin, teeth, and blood vessels, spinach has it all. Neither is spinach vegetable nor are parathas a wrong choice as they are a pack of the richness of vitamin A, C and K, folate, and iron.

The medicinal traits of ginger and garlic aids in building sound body resistance to uphold winter cold and flu, as well as lowers bad cholesterol and helps build immunity.

Sweet PotatoSweet Potato
Stacked with nutrients like vitamins A & C, complex carbohydrates, fibers and potassium, this energy-providing vegetable helps to lower cholesterol, maintain blood sugar level, regulate BP, boost immunity, promote digestive health, and improves vision.

A great source of Vitamin A, also filled with fibers, Vitamin C & K; this vegetable is quite beneficial for eye health, improves metabolism, promotes immunity, and builds blood cells. Your child will surely relish carrots in the form of halwa.

Winter Tip – Soup & Parathas

Boil all the vegetables available in your refrigerator to make soup. Make sure to add ginger and garlic to it, which further helps to keep running nose at bay. Add pepper and black salt in the making. Surprise them by garnishing the soup with cream in different forms.

Alternatively, stuff the vegetable in parathas and serve them. Children tend to eat more amount of vegetables this way that too without complaining about the meals.

Fruits and vegetables to consume during monsoons

The rainy season is the time when children catch most infections. For this reason, it is essential to keep an eye on their hygiene as well as eating habits. While eating the same dishes mostly at home may sound uninteresting to them, there are yet a few delights for them to make monsoons enjoyable.

Children love to see those cherry boxes bought at home. The low-calorie fruit helps your body in numerous ways such as fighting infections, soothing inflammation, lowering bad cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure as well as uric acid level, also possesses anti-carcinogenic properties.

The darkly-rich, damned purple fruit is a rich source of dietary fibers, potassium, copper, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. It strengthens the immune system, shields against cancer, assimilates iron, cures constipation, and prevents anemia.

The delightfully juicy fruit is a pack of potassium, iron, folate, and vitamins, which are of extreme help in the rainy season. Jamuns are great for the health of kidneys and liver, reduces blood sugar levels, treats diabetes, as well as gastric dysfunctions. The luscious fruit can be devoured raw or in the form of juice.

A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, pumpkin is an excellent vegetable to boost immunity and treat cough and cold. It further possesses antioxidants that protect cells and fight free radicals. Porridge, soup, or cookies are the best ways to feed pumpkins to toddlers.

A home-made remedy for many medical conditions, garlic is a pack of numerous benefits for your child. Include garlic in your child’s diet, especially during monsoons, when the body is sensitive to most infections. Apart from treating cold and flu, garlic also promotes bone health in growing children.

Monsoon tip – Delightful Fritters & Soups

Fritters & soups are a grab-on for children. Use ginger and garlic in preparing vegetable fritters and fry them in light oils such as olive or corn oil. Pumpkin soups with ginger and garlic are also a great help in maintaining health in monsoons.

Fruits and vegetables to consume throughout the year

A favourite of most children, this fruit holds a lot of nutritional value. It consists of Vitamin C and B6, fiber, potassium, calcium and a lot more components. Moreover, it is a rich source of energy, reduces the possibilities of muscle cramps, controls blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health and regulates sugar levels.

A rich source of Vitamin C, the over-the-year-available fruit additionally possesses fibers, antioxidants, and potassium. Consuming the fruit helps children with the normal functioning of the cell and brain, maintain BP, and ensure proper fluid balance, muscle contraction, and nervous health of the body.

Justifying well the proverb of keeping the doctor away, the healthy fruit, packed with vitamins A, B-1, B-2 & C, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iodine, and iron, are much essential for the child’s overall bodily growth. Moreover, it possesses antiviral properties that inhibit the bacteria attack in the mouth, strengthens gums, and cleanses teeth.

Favourite of all children, this vegetable is a bundle of nutrients that helps to control BP, prevent the risk of heart ailments as well as anemia, reduces cholesterol, and looks after bone and health of teeth.

An excellent source of folic acid, vitamin A, B & C, and minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron, beetroot is essential to lessen the risk of osteoporosis, anemia, and heart ailments also lower fatigue.

Wrapping up

Children intend to devour varieties when served uniquely. So before you place their plates on the dining table, make sure to garnish the fruits and veggies attractively so that their interest in eating healthy dishes develops, and their body gets all the needed nutrients. Thus, serving the best to your children studying in the best preschool in Ahmedabad.

Activities to keep children engaged at home

The present times have given multiple tags to home. People have made home an alternate for as many things they could and are making most of them accessible in their abode. It has become a pre-primary school for some and a high school for others. Moreover, it has also become an activity centre, daycare, a small movie-hall, gym, restaurant and many more such places.

Addressing the children who are homeschooled by most preschools in Ahmedabad, they find it difficult to pass their time after classes. Here are the activities for kids that will help them utilize their time in a meaningful manner and bring an endtotheir repeated complaints about getting bored.

A Crafty Affair

Craft is something taught to children throughout their school curriculum in some way or the other. Craft activities for kids not only builds creativity but also develops motor skills, literacy, shape and measurement concepts, enhances the child’s confidence and help them to employ quality time.

Children can develop different items as per their imagination and interest. They can make attractive pieces of crafts using any of the five major categories: textile art, decorative art, paper art, functional art, and fashion crafts.

Hello ‘Books’

Development of reading habit is a blessing for a child. It is a great way to enhance language skills and vocabulary among children. Their knowledge also gets enriched in many ways, and they start to understand things in a better way.

To develop reading habit at a tender age, get the best books to read for kids which interest them the most. It will gradually help to emerge reading as a habit and evolve their personality positively. Also, this will help eat up a much amount of their time.

Get them Sudoku-fied

Solving Sudoku for kids is one of the best ways to develop logical thinking skills and enhance the sense of time among children. Parents can initiate this practice by giving easy puzzles to their little ones, and once they understand the concepts well, they can then increase their difficulty levels.


A fantastic artist can also turn into an outstanding athlete. It is because of the hand-eye coordination that drawing intensifies. Moreover, it also improves concentration, develops fine-motor and creative skills among children.

Children can choose from a variety of drawing for kids as per their interest and drawing skills. Moreover, learning a new art step by step can help to develop drawing skills to a great extent. So make your home itself the best preschool in Ahmedabad and work on improving their eye-hand coordination.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All you need to do is handover the scrap to the kids and ask them to make something useful out of it. This method helps the children perceive the importance of resources and put their minds into a thinking process. Children often build something so creatively useful that may surprise you completely.

Transfer outdoor to indoors

Kids need to participate in bodily activities for their physical growth. As the present times are allowing them to move out of their houses to play, their physical activity has deteriorated to a great extent. To surmount this, engross them in indoor activities for kids like dancing, hopscotch, hide and seek, treasure hunt, etc. at home.

Go Bizarre

Try something over the blue at home. Go camping, convert your home into a restaurant or party virtually; this will not only keep your kids excited but also help them learn something innovative.

The Wealth of Knowledge

The most precious time pass that one can do is by attaining knowledge on the subject he is interested in. A child may attain this learning by watching videos, listening audios, reading articles or books and talking with parents or guardians about it.


Playing board games is quite an exciting task. Not only kids but even elders love playing these games and can very well spend their much time doing so. Besides, these games help them to develop cognitive, decision-making and problem-solving skills. These games also help learn teamwork and improve concentration.

The Chef in Kid

Most kids love it when their mums ask them to participate in the kitchen. So, why not cast their desire into a direction. Get them to make meals having easy recipes, yet making them learn to cook, which will help them satisfy their hunger cravings when there is no one around to feed them.

Learn an Instrument

Utilising the time which the kids may probably waste watching videos to something useful is worth. Get them an instrument and help them to learn something new using online tutorials. Indulging in such activity will surely keep them engaged, and they will learn something out of excitement.

The Hunt for Family Idol

Plan an event among family members, or with neighbours or online with far off relatives. All you need to do is conduct different kinds of performances and pass the information verbally or in your WhatsApp groups. What next? Start practicing for the big day. Appoint someone as the judge and enjoy all the performances one by one. All the members can even contribute and announce prizes for the winners.

Wrapping up

As the kids are missing all the fun they had in class andafter school activities, which they previously accessed, let us put the mentioned details into action to help them not yell for getting bored by staying home.

We welcome the thoughts of all the parents for the same. They can also write to us about the suggestions for keeping the children occupied.

5 Ways You Can Identify and Grow the Natural Talents in Children

Each child is born with innate talent that needs honing with time. Parents and pre-primary school teachers can help in tapping into the dormant talents of children at an early age. As children grow and realise their inner potential, it boosts their confidence and helps them in their proper cognitive growth and development.

Indeed, it’s a delight for parents to see their little ones flourishing and sharpening their skills and interests. But it’s not always easy for children to know where their true talents lie, especially when the options are many and varied these days. Below are 5 ways how as parents and guardians you can identify and help them grow their natural talents.

Adopt the Child-led Policy:

To nurture the inner possibilities of your child, you must follow his or her lead. Wear the hat of a guide and quietly observe the specific attributes that your child inclines towards.

  • What kind of activities interest your child?
  • What do they like to do in their free hours?
  • What excites them?

Based on your observations, you can suggest the activity options to your child. But bear in mind, it will be your child who will ultimately decide whether he wishes to continue long term or not. However, when you follow the child-led ways, it’s easier for parents and children alike to maintain continuity in skill development.

Give it time!

Albeit, it’s important to follow child’s cues for identifying and developing a child’s talent but know that children may be fickle minded too. In spite of their talent, they may change their minds and refuse to get their training after a point. Some already talented children may get influenced by their best friends and want to enrol themselves for activities which may not be their cup of tea. Such cases need meticulous handling by the parents. If you think your child has the necessary skills to advance in a particular activity yet refuses to continue it, you will have to devise ways to ensure that your child retains interest in the same. Give a temporary break, if need be, only to make a come-back sooner than later.

Praise your Child

Observe the natural aptitudes of your child and give them due recognition. Also, accordingly guide him or her towards sharpening those special skills. This will boost your child’s self esteem and motivate him to realise his full potential. Once you notice the hard work put in by the little one, praise him or her for those sincere efforts.

Inform and Enrich

When nurturing a child’s hobby or talent, it’s important that he or she understands the subject, or the topic concerned in depth. For example, if your child is pursuing music, speak to him about the various types of music, introduce the greatest musicians and their achievements and so on. There are many indirect ways to provide background information about the particular activity to sustain their interest and curiosity.

Help them Understand what they Love

One child may have multiple talents, another may take time to discover his or her natural talents. There’s no need to fret over this, for each child is unique. How adults can help children to identify and hone their talent is by opening the doors for them to explore various opportunities. Parents should try to ensure that their inherently gifted and talented children enjoy different experiences, be it arts or sports or may be cooking and so on. This will help children to pursue what they enjoy doing the most.

Once your child starts going to one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad and settles down in the new environment, you may closely start observing your child’s behaviour and understand the interests and knacks that he is gradually developing. Early childhood is definitely a good phase to realise and guide a child towards his natural talents, so that he or she can get trained in their choice of activity and enjoy doing it too, before academic pressure kicks in.

How to Encourage your Toddler to make Friends?

As parents, you might want your children to have a posse of buddies right from the time he or she starts going to a play school in Ahmedabad. While some children are very extrovert from a tender age, others may take their own sweet time to open up. Adults should not expect the little ones to be social butterflies right off the bat. Give children time to be themselves, to understand and absorb their social surroundings first.

How to Encourage your Toddler to make Friends

Even after taking pre-primary school admission, you may notice that your child is not making any friends- don’t lose your sleep over it. They eventually will make lots of friends. However, you can closely monitor your children and analyse their developmental milestones. Below are some steps that can be taken to introduce the tinytots to a social life:

No Competitive Games

While helping your child to make new friends, avoid arranging for competitive games. Unnecessary competition or comparison may not work well for growing toddlers. Instead try and expose them to games that encourage team spirit and make them work towards a common goal. Such games are ideal to teach children about the benefits of working together and the importance of sharing and in the process, it will be easy for them to make friends.

Stay Involved

Stay Involved

Taking admission in one of the best nursery schools in Ahmedabad will not take care of your child’s social skills automatically. If your tot is the shy kind, you stay involved. Most of the activities conducted in playgroup (Early Child Care) are aimed towards honing the social skills of a child. Talk to your child about the various activities that are done in school. Help your child talk fondly of the times spent in the playgroup  (Early Child Care) and ask your child the names of the other children in the class.

Teach Politeness and Empathy

Teach Politeness and Empathy

A lot of times children end up speaking rudely or even start hitting others. Find out if your child is exhibiting such traits or is subjected to bullying. In either case, the child needs to be coached appropriately. Toddlers can be very sensitive, so parents and teachers need to understand the root cause of their behaviour and guide them accordingly. Children need to be taught about the importance of talking politely with everyone- friends and elders alike, feelings of empathy need to be developed as such traits enhance the social competence in children.

When to Stay Away

Pre-schoolers tend to have a love-hate relationship with their immediate peers. One moment they could be hugging and another moment, they may not be ready to speak to each other. In such scenarios, elders should be completely nonchalant and let the children sort it among themselves. When parents tend to hover around children, trying to fix things, they are may be at the risk of robbing children of developing social skills on their own.

Tell Tales

Talk to your child often and make him realise the value of listening to others. This is a necessary trait required in friendship. Also, stories about friendship will help children in understanding the value of friendship and why one always needs to be there for their friends. Good friends are after all our real assets in life.
While it is important to encourage children to make friends, at the same time, it is essential to teach them that it’s ok to feel lonely at times and that they will continue to make new friends at different stages in life.
Parents should never place their high social expectations on children, just let them be and be their guide, knowing fully well that they are going to be alright.

7 things to Consider while Choosing a Preschool for your Child

Deciding to send a child to preschool is one of the most important decisions in a parent’s life. Once you have analysed all the pros and cons associated with sending your child to a preschool, it’s time to find the best preschool in Ahmedabad where your little one with create beautiful early childhood memories and learn many new things. You could start by asking your friends or family for recommendations or start searching online for the renowned pre-primary schools.

Below are 7 important factorsto consider before taking pre-primary admission in Ahmedabad:

1) Distance

Consider the location of the school. Would you really like your child to travel long distances and spending hours while commuting to and fro school? It’s a significant change in a child’s life to start going to pre-school and spending a few hours away home, away from parents. Thus, it’s important to ensure the overall transition is smooth and comfortable. If you choose a preschool that is far from your house, the child will get exhausted from all the traveling and may not look forward to going to school at all. Look for preschools nearby and enroll in the one that suits you the best. However, in case your mind is set on a particular , which is a few kilometres away, check with the transport facilities. The renowned preschools have safe and comfortable transportation systems which is ideal for pre-schoolers.

2) School Campus

Before making any final decision, visit the preschools shortlisted by you. A preschool need not be huge or too lavish. Primarily, it should be safe. Once you are convinced of the safety and security of the school building, check if the building is child centric. Your child will be spending about 2 to 3 hours daily , so if the classrooms and the corridors are well lit, with broad stair cases, anti slipper mats neat and clean washrooms, with dedicated attendants and child-friendly with attractive colours and accessories, then it’s easy for children to relate to the environment.

3) Credibility of the school

Even if the closest school near your house has the best infrastructure, still you must check the review of the school. Is the school credible enough? How experienced is the management who is incharge of the preschool? What about the students of previous batches? Check their website, follow their social media pages and read reviews online to get a fair idea about what to expect from the school.

4) Teachers and Faculty

The best preschools near your area have teachers who exude warmth and love. They are the second mothers who will be responsible for your child’s well-being when he or she is away from you. So , while choosing a preschool, go and meet the faculties. It’s imperative that you find out if the teachers are adequately qualified and experienced to handle little children such as yours. If you are 100% convinced by the teachers, you could proceed with admission , knowing that your child will be in the best of hands.

5) Teaching Methodology

The curriculum in preschools may vary. So, before taking pre primary admission for your child in Ahmedabad or near your area,check the curriculum that your chosen preschool follows. Some schools follow only Montessori or Waldorf methodologies and there are many that follow a blended curriculum. Before the child gets involved in mainstream academics , at the pre-primary level, other essential skills need to be developed and refined, which will shape their personality and help them in the long run. Therefore, talk to the pre-school coordinators and find out the kind of activities that are done in school, if they are play-based, the subjects that will be covered, etc.

6) Communication and Transparency

The good playgroups (Early Child Care) in Ahmedabad usually maintain a transparent channel of communication with the parent community. It is very important since parents and school need to be in sync and walk hand in hand for the betterment of every child.So, before taking the admission , don’t forget to find out the frequency and mode of communication from the school’s side. Also, how often or when the teachers or principal are available should you need to address any concern.

7) Do they provide Snacks?

If the school provides meals , then you must ask what is provided. Once you know about the options, you can inform the school in case your child is allergic to something. Eating together in school helps children in developing appropriate social skills and improves their eating habits. Also, don’t forget to check the utensils they are serving the food- are they hygienic enough?

So, once you have decided that it is the best age to start preschool, keep the above points in mind while considering a preschool for your little one. Remember your child deserves the best, so find out every possible detail and accordingly make an informed decision.

How to Decide What is The Right Age for Preschool for Your Child?

As it is rightly said that our children are our best hope for the future. So, in the journey of giving the best life to our children, providing them with proper education is the primary consideration for every parent.  It starts with deciding what is the best age to start preschool and so on.  Irrespective of the socio economic or cultural background, the goal of providing for the child to one’s best capacity is the proudest duty of any parent.

Begin Formal Education with Preschool

As the humankind is constantly evolving, our lifestyle is changing as per our changing needs and demands and so is the case with education. The teaching methodologies, the goals, the objectives of school education are periodically updated and upgraded. Education starts right after birth- when a baby is born, through his / her years of infancy to childhood and adolescence, the child is constantly learning. First, he or she learns from the immediate environment.

i.e. home and then comes the phase when it’s time to go to school. Time for formal education. But before that , there’s a warm up phase – the preschool years! Hence, parents start looking for the best preschool as soon as their child gains motor control and develops speech.

The Age Factor? To Start or not to!

How to decide the ideal age of children to seek preschool admission is one of the common worries of parents. One of the most important things that need to be considered here is if your child is ready for playschool yet! If a child is  in pink of health- physically and mentally, you could consider preschool admission in Ahmedabad.

Preschool admission in Playgroup (Early Child Care)

A child can start playgroup (Early Child Care) school in Ahmedabad any time when he or she is 2 years , however, there’s no hard and fast rule that school life must begin that early. It is totally up to the parents’ discretion whether they would want to send their child to playgroup (Early Child Care) that early or not.

Preschool admission in Nursery

If your child has any health condition or is not comfortable at all to adjust in a new environment, then you may consider giving your child a little more time and enrol her directly in Nursery. A lot of children skip playgroup  (Early Child Care) and take admission directly in Nursery .However, this may put parents at a risk of seeking admissions in the best of schools in the city as maximum seats get filled right at the playgroup (Early Child Care) or nursery level.

Admission in Kinder Garten

The best preschools require the child to be 4 years for preschool admission in Junior KG and 5 years for preschool admission in Senior KG.

The right age for preschool would be anytime your child gains control over his or her gross motor skills i.e he or she can walk and run, utter words and stay in a happy , jolly mood more often than not. If these milestones are not reached timely, parents need to have patience and monitor their child’s growth and development closely.

The biggest advantage of attending preschool is that children get comfortable spending a few hours daily away from home, mastering basic skills and getting ready for the formal schooling years that lie ahead of them. The transition to primary classes and absorbing the lessons become easier.

The best preschool in Ahmedabad can offer fun experiences for children as they develop basic social skills, meet new friends and teachers and learn from each other. The activities in the best preschools are age-appropriate, child-centric and have defined objectives that aid in the cognitive development of children.

Time to Take Pre-primary Admission

Choosing the right preschool is important for the little ones to form the best childhood memories. The preschool must follow the basic norms of early childhood education, the school infrastructure should be safe and secure with well-trained, compassionate teachers. These will guarantee a healthy experience of the tinytots. So, if your child is attending all the milestones in a timely manner, it’s time for you to take pre-primary admission in Ahmedabad schools.