Activities to keep children engaged at home

The present times have given multiple tags to home. People have made home an alternate for as many things they could and are making most of them accessible in their abode. It has become a pre-primary school for some and a high school for others. Moreover, it has also become an activity centre, daycare, a small movie-hall, gym, restaurant and many more such places.

Addressing the children who are homeschooled by most preschools in Ahmedabad, they find it difficult to pass their time after classes. Here are the activities for kids that will help them utilize their time in a meaningful manner and bring an endtotheir repeated complaints about getting bored.

A Crafty Affair

Craft is something taught to children throughout their school curriculum in some way or the other. Craft activities for kids not only builds creativity but also develops motor skills, literacy, shape and measurement concepts, enhances the child’s confidence and help them to employ quality time.

Children can develop different items as per their imagination and interest. They can make attractive pieces of crafts using any of the five major categories: textile art, decorative art, paper art, functional art, and fashion crafts.

Hello ‘Books’

Development of reading habit is a blessing for a child. It is a great way to enhance language skills and vocabulary among children. Their knowledge also gets enriched in many ways, and they start to understand things in a better way.

To develop reading habit at a tender age, get the best books to read for kids which interest them the most. It will gradually help to emerge reading as a habit and evolve their personality positively. Also, this will help eat up a much amount of their time.

Get them Sudoku-fied

Solving Sudoku for kids is one of the best ways to develop logical thinking skills and enhance the sense of time among children. Parents can initiate this practice by giving easy puzzles to their little ones, and once they understand the concepts well, they can then increase their difficulty levels.


A fantastic artist can also turn into an outstanding athlete. It is because of the hand-eye coordination that drawing intensifies. Moreover, it also improves concentration, develops fine-motor and creative skills among children.

Children can choose from a variety of drawing for kids as per their interest and drawing skills. Moreover, learning a new art step by step can help to develop drawing skills to a great extent. So make your home itself the best preschool in Ahmedabad and work on improving their eye-hand coordination.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All you need to do is handover the scrap to the kids and ask them to make something useful out of it. This method helps the children perceive the importance of resources and put their minds into a thinking process. Children often build something so creatively useful that may surprise you completely.

Transfer outdoor to indoors

Kids need to participate in bodily activities for their physical growth. As the present times are allowing them to move out of their houses to play, their physical activity has deteriorated to a great extent. To surmount this, engross them in indoor activities for kids like dancing, hopscotch, hide and seek, treasure hunt, etc. at home.

Go Bizarre

Try something over the blue at home. Go camping, convert your home into a restaurant or party virtually; this will not only keep your kids excited but also help them learn something innovative.

The Wealth of Knowledge

The most precious time pass that one can do is by attaining knowledge on the subject he is interested in. A child may attain this learning by watching videos, listening audios, reading articles or books and talking with parents or guardians about it.


Playing board games is quite an exciting task. Not only kids but even elders love playing these games and can very well spend their much time doing so. Besides, these games help them to develop cognitive, decision-making and problem-solving skills. These games also help learn teamwork and improve concentration.

The Chef in Kid

Most kids love it when their mums ask them to participate in the kitchen. So, why not cast their desire into a direction. Get them to make meals having easy recipes, yet making them learn to cook, which will help them satisfy their hunger cravings when there is no one around to feed them.

Learn an Instrument

Utilising the time which the kids may probably waste watching videos to something useful is worth. Get them an instrument and help them to learn something new using online tutorials. Indulging in such activity will surely keep them engaged, and they will learn something out of excitement.

The Hunt for Family Idol

Plan an event among family members, or with neighbours or online with far off relatives. All you need to do is conduct different kinds of performances and pass the information verbally or in your WhatsApp groups. What next? Start practicing for the big day. Appoint someone as the judge and enjoy all the performances one by one. All the members can even contribute and announce prizes for the winners.

Wrapping up

As the kids are missing all the fun they had in class andafter school activities, which they previously accessed, let us put the mentioned details into action to help them not yell for getting bored by staying home.

We welcome the thoughts of all the parents for the same. They can also write to us about the suggestions for keeping the children occupied.