A Trip to Gandhi Farm ( Senior KG.)

What a delightful experience it was for our students of Senior Kg as they were taken to Gandhi Farm. During their visit, they got a glimpse of the way of life at a farm. Children were elated at the peppy welcome that they received by the men at the farm, beating drums in their traditional attire. Soon they were introduced to the cows at the farm and also witnessed the cow milking process. Infact, a few of our champs also tried their hands at it with the help of their teachers. Children were also excited to feed them with vegetables, grains and hay etc. Towards the end of their trip, they were thrilled to take a ride in the tractor around the farm with their friends. It was a wonderful trip for the students with so much encounter with the natural world , learning about the cows of Gir and Kutch and also getting information about the organic products like ghee , butter, etc made from the milk of the cows.