7 things to Consider while Choosing a Preschool for your Child

Deciding to send a child to preschool is one of the most important decisions in a parent’s life. Once you have analysed all the pros and cons associated with sending your child to a preschool, it’s time to find the best preschool in Ahmedabad where your little one with create beautiful early childhood memories and learn many new things. You could start by asking your friends or family for recommendations or start searching online for the renowned pre-primary schools.

Below are 7 important factorsto consider before taking pre-primary admission in Ahmedabad:

1) Distance

Consider the location of the school. Would you really like your child to travel long distances and spending hours while commuting to and fro school? It’s a significant change in a child’s life to start going to pre-school and spending a few hours away home, away from parents. Thus, it’s important to ensure the overall transition is smooth and comfortable. If you choose a preschool that is far from your house, the child will get exhausted from all the traveling and may not look forward to going to school at all. Look for preschools nearby and enroll in the one that suits you the best. However, in case your mind is set on a particular , which is a few kilometres away, check with the transport facilities. The renowned preschools have safe and comfortable transportation systems which is ideal for pre-schoolers.

2) School Campus

Before making any final decision, visit the preschools shortlisted by you. A preschool need not be huge or too lavish. Primarily, it should be safe. Once you are convinced of the safety and security of the school building, check if the building is child centric. Your child will be spending about 2 to 3 hours daily , so if the classrooms and the corridors are well lit, with broad stair cases, anti slipper mats neat and clean washrooms, with dedicated attendants and child-friendly with attractive colours and accessories, then it’s easy for children to relate to the environment.

3) Credibility of the school

Even if the closest school near your house has the best infrastructure, still you must check the review of the school. Is the school credible enough? How experienced is the management who is incharge of the preschool? What about the students of previous batches? Check their website, follow their social media pages and read reviews online to get a fair idea about what to expect from the school.

4) Teachers and Faculty

The best preschools near your area have teachers who exude warmth and love. They are the second mothers who will be responsible for your child’s well-being when he or she is away from you. So , while choosing a preschool, go and meet the faculties. It’s imperative that you find out if the teachers are adequately qualified and experienced to handle little children such as yours. If you are 100% convinced by the teachers, you could proceed with admission , knowing that your child will be in the best of hands.

5) Teaching Methodology

The curriculum in preschools may vary. So, before taking pre primary admission for your child in Ahmedabad or near your area,check the curriculum that your chosen preschool follows. Some schools follow only Montessori or Waldorf methodologies and there are many that follow a blended curriculum. Before the child gets involved in mainstream academics , at the pre-primary level, other essential skills need to be developed and refined, which will shape their personality and help them in the long run. Therefore, talk to the pre-school coordinators and find out the kind of activities that are done in school, if they are play-based, the subjects that will be covered, etc.

6) Communication and Transparency

The good playgroups (Early Child Care) in Ahmedabad usually maintain a transparent channel of communication with the parent community. It is very important since parents and school need to be in sync and walk hand in hand for the betterment of every child.So, before taking the admission , don’t forget to find out the frequency and mode of communication from the school’s side. Also, how often or when the teachers or principal are available should you need to address any concern.

7) Do they provide Snacks?

If the school provides meals , then you must ask what is provided. Once you know about the options, you can inform the school in case your child is allergic to something. Eating together in school helps children in developing appropriate social skills and improves their eating habits. Also, don’t forget to check the utensils they are serving the food- are they hygienic enough?

So, once you have decided that it is the best age to start preschool, keep the above points in mind while considering a preschool for your little one. Remember your child deserves the best, so find out every possible detail and accordingly make an informed decision.