5 Ways You Can Identify and Grow the Natural Talents in Children

Each child is born with innate talent that needs honing with time. Parents and pre-primary school teachers can help in tapping into the dormant talents of children at an early age. As children grow and realise their inner potential, it boosts their confidence and helps them in their proper cognitive growth and development.

Indeed, it’s a delight for parents to see their little ones flourishing and sharpening their skills and interests. But it’s not always easy for children to know where their true talents lie, especially when the options are many and varied these days. Below are 5 ways how as parents and guardians you can identify and help them grow their natural talents.

Adopt the Child-led Policy:

To nurture the inner possibilities of your child, you must follow his or her lead. Wear the hat of a guide and quietly observe the specific attributes that your child inclines towards.

  • What kind of activities interest your child?
  • What do they like to do in their free hours?
  • What excites them?

Based on your observations, you can suggest the activity options to your child. But bear in mind, it will be your child who will ultimately decide whether he wishes to continue long term or not. However, when you follow the child-led ways, it’s easier for parents and children alike to maintain continuity in skill development.

Give it time!

Albeit, it’s important to follow child’s cues for identifying and developing a child’s talent but know that children may be fickle minded too. In spite of their talent, they may change their minds and refuse to get their training after a point. Some already talented children may get influenced by their best friends and want to enrol themselves for activities which may not be their cup of tea. Such cases need meticulous handling by the parents. If you think your child has the necessary skills to advance in a particular activity yet refuses to continue it, you will have to devise ways to ensure that your child retains interest in the same. Give a temporary break, if need be, only to make a come-back sooner than later.

Praise your Child

Observe the natural aptitudes of your child and give them due recognition. Also, accordingly guide him or her towards sharpening those special skills. This will boost your child’s self esteem and motivate him to realise his full potential. Once you notice the hard work put in by the little one, praise him or her for those sincere efforts.

Inform and Enrich

When nurturing a child’s hobby or talent, it’s important that he or she understands the subject, or the topic concerned in depth. For example, if your child is pursuing music, speak to him about the various types of music, introduce the greatest musicians and their achievements and so on. There are many indirect ways to provide background information about the particular activity to sustain their interest and curiosity.

Help them Understand what they Love

One child may have multiple talents, another may take time to discover his or her natural talents. There’s no need to fret over this, for each child is unique. How adults can help children to identify and hone their talent is by opening the doors for them to explore various opportunities. Parents should try to ensure that their inherently gifted and talented children enjoy different experiences, be it arts or sports or may be cooking and so on. This will help children to pursue what they enjoy doing the most.

Once your child starts going to one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad and settles down in the new environment, you may closely start observing your child’s behaviour and understand the interests and knacks that he is gradually developing. Early childhood is definitely a good phase to realise and guide a child towards his natural talents, so that he or she can get trained in their choice of activity and enjoy doing it too, before academic pressure kicks in.