Monthly Archives: September 2019

Playgroup (Early Child Care) Children Hippity Hop to Hind Super Market

Our students of Playgroup (Early Child Care) had a great time during their visit to Hind Super market. They walked through the different sections of the store and observed the range of items available, and other features of Hind supermarket. Some children got the first hand experience of buying items off the shelf and also, paid for the same. At the end of this exciting experience, students gave a ‘Thank You’ card to the store manager for his kind cooperation during the visit.

Does it Sink or Does it Float?

Sink and float is one of the most popular and fun concepts of science that pre-schoolers love to explore. Our Senior K.G. students enjoyed a hands-on experiment on float and sink. Children experimented with objects like a piece of wood, a stone, plastic straw, twig, paper etc. which were put into a tub of water. Students got an idea about the varying weight, size and materials that they are made of. They observed keenly and noted the ones that floated and the ones that sank. This was an enjoyable activity which helped our students get a better clarity on this intrinsic property of all materials around us.

Ambassadors of Peace – Our Tiny tots come dressed in WHITE

To strengthen the ideals of peace and establish the fact that ‘peace is its own reward’ , World Peace day was celebrated at Satellite School for Children yesterday. All the students and teachers came dressed in white -the colour that signifies peace. Through prayers, stories and visual cues, peace was maintained in the school campus and its importance was reinstated among our little learners.

Hop and Jump through the Shapes

After our Playgroup (Early Child Care) students were introduced to the different shapes, teachers organized a special game for them to help the little ones get more clarity on shapes. Teachers kept the circles and squares in place and students had to hop and jump through these shapes. It was such a fun way of learning and strengthening the knowledge of shapes.

Junior K.G Students Enjoy a Trip to Gurudwara

Satellite School for Children believes that in maintaining communal harmony and respect, it is very important for children to understand about the different religions and the culture. Junior K.G. students were recently taken to Gurudwara Gobindham to expose them to Sikhism.The tiny tots were very excited about this new experience. They followed the procedure and accordingly covered their heads, washed their hands and feet before entering the Gurudwara. They paid their due respect to the holy book –‘Guru Granth Sahib’ , said a small prayer and also relished ‘Kada Prasad’ . Students were also taken to the ‘langar hall’ and the community kitchen where food is cooked and served without any discrimination.

Our Senior K.G. Students Draw their Favourite Toys

Every child is an artist at heart. To help our Senior K.G. students give their imagination a definite shape and exhibit their creative skills, a drawing activity was organized for them today. Each child was extremely excited to draw their ‘ Favourite Toy’ ( theme for the activity) and then discuss about it with their friends and teachers. The Senior K.G. classrooms were filled with colourful drawings of different toys and our enthusiastic, chirping little students. What a happy day it was!

Donning Various Hats – Our Playgroup (Early Child Care) Children

Our school campus was filled jolly laughter today as we celebrated Hat Day today with our playgroup (Early Child Care) students. Alongwith the little ones, the teachers also wore different styles of hats. What was really interesting was the cap selling counter that was set up, which each and every child visited and enjoyed a lot. The event concluded with the story, ‘The Monkey and the Cap Seller’ story, which was enacted by students and the teachers.

Recitation Activity by Junior K.G. Students

Poems have multifarious benefits for children. To enhance their language skills in a pleasing manner, our Junior K.G students were given an opportunity to participate in a recitation activity. It was a sheer delight to witness the students reciting their favourite poems with appropriate expressions and ideal props. Most of the poems recited by the little ones conveyed important social messages eloquently. This recitation activity helped in developing confidence in the students and stimulated their interest to learn more new poems.

Storytelling Activity by Senior K.G. Students

Every child loves listening to stories and also, they get super excited to narrate their version of stories too. To enhance the public speaking skills of our students through storytelling, our Senior K.G. students were encouraged to narrate short stories with suitable props. Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were very eager to share the moral of their stories with their friends and teachers.