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Support Staff Day observed at Satellite School For Children

Satellite School Ahemdabad

The importance of support staff in our school can’t be overlooked. They are the ones toiling day and night towards keeping our school building clean and hygienic and ensuring safety and security at all times. To make our preschoolers understand about their hard work and contribution towards the upkeep of our school, a special assembly was organized for students of Junior KG and Senior KG. The purpose of this assembly was to encourage our tiny tots to respect our staff member and acknowledge them. When such traits are instilled at a young age, students will automatically grow as humble and compassionate individuals.

Toy Trolley Activities for Playgroup (Early Child Care) Students

Toy Trolley Activities for Playgroup Students

Playway method is primarily adopted for our playgroup (Early Child Care) children through which our educators work towards introducing the little ones to newer concepts. Books, smartboards, flashcards, roleplays etc. are used to retain their interest. Among various activities related to ‘red’ colour, the tiny tots enjoyed the ‘toy trolley’ activity immensely. They used their trolley and picked only the red toys among several others. This little dramatization was not only fun but also enhanced their confidence, visual and speaking skills.

Understanding Child Behaviour – A Workshop for Parents

Satellite School Ahemdabad

Parents are often found helpless when it comes to dealing with children with behavioural problems. Owing to such burgeoning issues, a special session was arranged for the parents of our Playgroup (Early Child Care) and Nursery students. The awareness programme was conducted by our school counsellor, Dr. Anjana Dongre, who spoke at length about temper tantrums, separation anxiety, stuttering, bed wetting etc. She delved deeper citing appropriate examples and situations, helping the parents understand the root causes of such issues and the common symptoms. During the workshop, she also guided the parents when to seek help. The session received a positive feedback from the attendees as our counsellor listened to each and every parent concern and answered to their satisfaction.

Field trip to Sundervan

Satellite School Ahemdabad

Our playgroup (Early Child Care) students were recently taken to Sundervan. Their excitement knew no bounds as they spotted bats, snakes, crocodiles, rabbits tortoise, ducks, turkey etc. They could identify the animals, birds and species and sang relevant rhymes, expressing their sheer joy. The little ones observed each of the existent species and absorbed from their surroundings. Such field trips are both enjoyable and educational where the social and interpersonal skills of little students are greatly enhanced.

Swimming Champ Videy

Satellite School Ahemdabad

Videy Dipesh Patel of Junior A participated in Swimming Competition, organized by Rajpath Club, And he won a Trophy & a Gold Medal, for 1st Position in Freestyle Competition, Age group of under5 Years. It was held at Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad on 2nd. June 2019.

Also participated in Swimming Competition, organized by Ellisbridge Gymkhana Club, And he won a Gold Medal, for 1st Position in Freestyle Competition, age group of under5 Years. It was held at Ellisbridge Gymkhana Club, Ahmedabad on 16th June 2019.